Single Women Ireland

Irish girls are total foxes in the looks department.

And if a series of annual findings from the controversial international dating site are anything to go by, not many can sit at the same table with Ireland girls, who have consistently ranked top 10 on the list of most beautiful women on the planet.

Just to be clear, this is not your regular dating app. Only the “most beautiful” people (women and men) get their registration approved on this “elite dating site” following a careful review by existing members, who judge applicants on their (yup!) appearance.

The results of the acceptance rate seem to be spot on too, as English men (and German women) seem to have the least bit of luck of gaining entry into the exclusive fold.

But hey, we never really needed the opinion of a survey to confirm Irish girls are hot.

Any guy who has embarked on a quest for personals Ireland can attest to it. Pretty face, nice smile, a banging body (if you’re into fit women), great personality, warm demeanour; women from Ireland are absolute smashers.

They do know how to have the craic too, so the sense of humour is the cherry on top of an already great package.

Which brings us to the focus of our discussion today: what is the best place to find single women in the Emerald Isle? Where do you have to go exactly – or look? How do you reel them in once you have one of these fair ladies in your sights? How do you keep her interested?

More importantly, how do you score an Irish broad if your end game is to get laid Ireland (and isn’t that the motive for us all?).

The focus is on single ladies in general – from hot college chicks in their 20s to older women dating younger men (cougars if you rather) and everything in between. Basically, anything Irish in a skirt, provided they are single and keen to hookup. Unless of course, you’re into cuckolding.

Hookup Ireland promises an unlimited pool of women for casual sex and plenty more for FWB arrangements.

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How To Find Single Women

So, the sixty-four-thousand-dollar question every guy grapples with: where can I find single women in Ireland?

For the majority of men, the answer to this question will most likely skew towards “the bar”. Not that there is anything wrong with the bar, but unless you’re most interested in quick casual sex Ireland, you would be doing yourself a disservice by limiting yourself to bars and night clubs.

That’s not to say these aren’t promising hunting grounds. They are, especially in big cities like Dublin, Cork, and Galway, where you’ll find a bevy of single women, Asian women included.

The truth is, though, just because it’s Ireland doesn’t mean every female will be hitting their favourite watering hole every night and twice on Sundays. In fact, you won’t find that many hanging out at the local bar down the corner.

Obviously, if you’re looking for a quick fuck in Ireland, odds are you’ll get lucky faster if you’re indulging in the nightlife scene than most other places. But don’t tether yourself to a select number of spots. There are plenty of fish in the sea, and he who casts his nets wider shalt not sleep hungry.

At a time when all life revolves around the sun Internet, it’s easier to make lots of connections online.

The Internet dating landscape has significantly changed from what it was a decade or so ago, and the changing times mean more and more people are now turning to the web for their dating needs.

Dating sites Ireland present one of the best ways to find a partner. After all, everyone is here for one reason and one reason only: hooking up.

The motivation behind it may vary – some desire marriage, others are interested in casual encounters Ireland, there are those looking for one night engagements and so on – but ultimately, every fish in these vast waters is in it for the purpose of coupling.

There’s no shortage of women seeking men Dublin on these sites, or whatever part of the country you’re in, for that matter.

Plus, dating websites come with the upside of allowing one to narrow down their search based on particular preferences. Perhaps older women dating appeals to you? Or you have a taste for the exotic and fancy Asian girls dating in the Eire?

Whatever your inclinations, you can filter your search and still have plenty of great options to choose from – even for those interested in single parent dating.

The one caveat we have about this avenue is that while it is possible to meet single women for free online, free resources are not really the best places to go searching for good women, unless you don’t mind the low-hanging fruit.

Instead, opt for a premium account over free Irish dating sites as that’s where a lot of women worth the chase are. It’s easier finding mature women Dublin on paid sites, too.

So, open an account if you don’t have one already and spice up that profile content, put on a red tee and upload a fresh photo (or two) of you looking your best. Bonus points if you have a dog. Just no poodles.

Also, importantly, we would advise you to avoid catfishing. Just keep it real and you won’t have any regrets later when you meet women in Dublin.

In addition to dating sites, we figured we would compile a list of all the viable places to meet single women in Ireland to boost your chances of success even more.

So, if you’re wondering how to find single women, following are some great spots awash with hot-looking birds that are perfect for laying out your bait, whether you desire NSA Ireland type-of-relationships or someone a bit more serious.

NSA Ireland


Gyms are some of the most fertile grounds to find beautiful Irish single women. An oasis.

Whether you’re looking for single women Cork, or looking to meet single women near me in whatever part of the country you’re in, every gym has at least that one stunner you will find yourself fixated on.

The upside to picking up women at the fitness centre is that both of you seem to care about your health, so that’s something you share in common right off the bat.

However, as much as they’re a wonderful spot to cold-approach hot Ireland women, it’s easy to fall into some common faux pas that could leave you absconding your workout sessions for a good couple of weeks.

Not to mention, single women 30s, or any age for that matter, in these places expect to be hit on so they’re likely to have their guard up. That means your approach will need to be smooth and subtle.

Dancing/Dance Classes

We get it, dancing isn’t really your thing. But if attending a dance class is what stands between you and getting a good Ireland fuck, then a man got to do what a man got to do to get laid.

Because the naked truth is, most single guys are in it to meet hot single women for some good action.

You’ll find boatloads of sexy babes in dance class, that’s for sure. And even if you don’t, so what? You’ll pick up a skill that will not only be a boon to your personality, but dancing will also boost your chances of netting potential fuck buddies Ireland as it widens the field for you.

And the best part about it is? If you get good at it, besides giving the impression that your sex game is alright, dancing can get single women Galway (or Cork, or Limerick, or Dublin) to approach you in the club – not the other way around.

You need to remember Dublin women, or women the world over for that matter, go to the club to be gawked at by every male with a pulse. That’s you, playa.

Ireland Fuck


You’ve probably heard plenty of boy-meets-girl-at-a-party-and-they-end-up-marrying tales.

Well, not sure if you’re in it for the marriage or need a friends with benefits Ireland type of arrangement like most guys, but the point is parties are a hotbed for single girls looking to mingle.

And they come in all forms – a friend’s housewarming party, a colleague’s house party, a neighbour’s get-together, St. Paddy’s at a cousin’s etc.

Here, single women Dublin tend to be less reserved when they are introduced to you by someone they know or trust, especially if that “matchmaker” happens to be female.

That means a lower barrier of entry for you, making these social occasions one of the best places to meet single women for free. From Asian girls Dublin, to blacks, to the fair natives, you’ll meet women Ireland of all kinds.

Just focus on having a good time and worrying less about messing up.


Ask any guy where you can find girls in Dublin and odds are they’ll tell you at the bar or pub. It has nothing to do with stereotypes, but this is just the default place where most men hoping to meet girls Dublin go searching.

Sure, bars are a great place to spark the interest of girls as they are there to have fun and socialise. But contrary to popular belief, they are not hideouts for the most promiscuous single Irish women (for that, you’ll probably get luckier perusing the sex classifieds Ireland section).

That means you’ll need to be top of your A-game if you’re to take home the spoils of your conquest.

Night Clubs

Ah, the good ol’ nightclub. Feel like you’re up for it? For quick sex Ireland, this is one of the places to be.

One-night stands aren’t too hard to find as lots of single women meet in these joints. If you hit the right venue and put your best foot forward – sometimes quite literally if you took those dancing lessons seriously – you’re bound to get lucky.

You can do a quick search on the best spots to meet single women near me, ideally on to gauge how women rate the different clubs in your area.

Bar the odd day that you hit jackpot, it’s rare that you’ll come across single girls Ireland alone at the club, though. The one you bump into will likely be in the company of friends, so to get to her, you’ll have to turn on the charm and get through to her friends first.

No man wants to find himself in these situations, as girls especially are good at cock-blocking. But that’s just the mountain you have to climb. Just don’t be prowling around the club like a hungry predator.

How To Meet Girls Ireland


It’s easier to find Ireland single women when you have some pastimes you really enjoy.

The good thing about hobbies, aside from the fact that they could be just about anything – dancing, art, snorkelling, volunteering, pottery, instruments, and what-not – is that you can always find and cultivate some new ones.

It’s easier to strike up a conversation with someone when you have common interests you share. That’s one more reason to join that cooking or yoga class you’ve been putting off for years. Or start the beekeeping.

At Work

Just like any woman you meet at a bar or your local gym, single ladies at work are not immune to seduction. That cute girl who joined Marketing the other day? She’s still a woman, with female desires.

Flirting is fine, but just remember that workplace coupling is not for everybody. Before you cast that die, you need to be sure you can live with having a girlfriend at work, should it get to that.


As with hobbies, groups are varied and present a great opportunity to meet single women in Ireland.

From hiking, to running, wine tasting, books, arts and culture, freelancing, nature and conservation, local causes, adventure activities…there are literally thousands of groups to establish single women contact with girls who are into the same stuff as you.

A good place to start your group search would be

Places To Meet Girls Ireland


Total gamer girls are few and far between even on free dating Ireland sites that it can feel like finding a unicorn – the mythical being, not the chick who’s into, you know, couple’s sex.

If you’re lucky, you’ll probably have a friend who has a friend who knows a gamer girl they can hook you up with. Otherwise, if you want to meet girls Dublin whose favourite pastime is playing Halo, your best bet would be to hop online and find groups with girl gamers.

They expect majority of men approaching them to be jerks or just another Internet creep, so tread carefully here. Just act normal, find a friend (or two) and see where it leads.


Well, the best way to hook up with Irish single ladies on WhatsApp would be to first exchange contacts and later catch up via chat. But there are multiple ways of peeling an orange.

You can randomly search local numbers and see what comes up in the person’s profile. However, this is a wild stab that’s more likely to result in either of three things – the chick blue-ticking you, blocking you, or total radio silence; likely all three.

The alternative is to use Facebook (type WhatsApp in the search bar and click on Groups) or make use of a third-party app.


As with WhatsApp, Skype is all about approaching random girls and hoping to strike it lucky. Look, there is always the off-chance that you could encounter someone, but don’t hold your breath.

It is easy to get mistaken for a scammer on Skype or the random troll, and you can’t blame the girls really: Skype is more of a platform for people who know one another in one way or the other.

Where To Meet Girls Ireland


If you’re still asking yourself Where can I meet single women, you’ll be happy to know the online space has no limits when it comes to dating Irish women.

Your chances of success will really depend on the platform you end up choosing. We recommend mixing up a few. For example, dating site + Facebook, or dating site + an online group, etc.

Also, as much as online encounters are virtual, your game will still determine whether or not you bring home the bacon.

Online game means first and foremost observing proper netiquette, and showing maturity in your interactions.


The nice thing about Facebook is the wealth of options it offers in terms of variety. You will literally meet all types of women here, from reserved church girls to cougars if you prefer dating older women – and everything in between.

But every guy knows Facebook is a haven for females, so you’ll find plenty of men clamouring for the attention of the woman of your desire.

Adopt a tactful approach and avoid being the guy who inundates her comment section while swooning over every single image she posts.


No, Snapchat is not just a social network for teenagers. If you want to increase your chances of getting laid, you need to go where the girls are.

It is true, though, most of the girls you encounter on Snapchat will be younger, with the 18-24 and 25-34 age groups making up the majority of users. That means if you need say, single women over 40, you’ll have to look elsewhere.


To find a fuck buddy Ireland, few places promise quicker results than Tinder.

While the platform has evolved from a game of “Hot or Not” and can now be used to connect with girls with similar interests, Tinder hook-ups are still very much alive.

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Meeting Single Girls Online – 22 Tips For Guys To Approach, Start And Maintain a Conversation Online And Offline

For most guys, approaching Dublin girls, or Irish women in general, for the first time can be a nerve-wracking experience. In fact, it can be one of the most intimidating thing most guys will find themselves up against.

Offline dating in particular can leave you crippled with approach anxiety – you know, those butterflies and nervousness you feel when you encounter that hottie you’d love to chat up but her beauty puts the fear of God right into your soul?

Sucks, doesn’t it? Especially when you go back home and can’t forgive yourself for not gathering the courage to walk up to her and introduce yourself. Or you probably did and your tongue froze in the moment and you ended up making a mess of the whole situation.

Well, you are not alone. We’ve all been there, and it’s something most men have to deal with.

Good thing is, it’s all reversible. Making yourself good with women is a trait anyone can pick and polish up on. It’s like any other skill really. The more practice you put into it, the better you get.

Question is, how do you get over those first hurdles of dating Irish girls?

How do you get to the point where striking up a conversation with single girls no longer makes you feel like you’re about to pass out?

Here’s an exhaustive list of 22 tips you can apply both in your online and offline encounters when approaching girls, your attempts to break the ice, and keeping her interested throughout the courtship ritual.

BBW Ireland

Approaching Girls Online

For a lot of guys, Irish women dating is easier online as the awkward air associated with first encounters is thinner compared to the offline alternative.

On the flipside, girls are wary of talking to strangers online (yes, you are a stranger at this point) as they don’t know who’s who.

That means you’ve got to portray yourself in the best light possible while keeping it authentic if you want to attract single ladies in Ireland worth the chase. Or without coming across as creepy.

1. Pick the right platform

Just like in the real world, the online space is not short of options on where to find single women to date.

There are plenty of places explicitly meant for dating and these are really the spots you want to go looking as opposed to some forum where the discussion is based around tech gizmos or UFOs. Website comment sections too are a no-no, as is hitting on anything that looks cute on the YouTube comments.

Some good starting points are social media sites or better yet, online dating sites where you’ll find single ladies Ireland in droves.

As we pointed out earlier, the good thing about online dating sites is the concentration of women seeking men in Ireland actively.

Whether you want to meet single women for sex, interested in Asian girls dating, or hoping to meet some black girls in Dublin, you will find them all on Internet dating sites in their herds.

2. Asking can pay off

Now that you are approaching girls in the right online platforms, find a right way to start the convo. Flirting is good, but it has its time.

The downside to initiating contact online by flirting is you risk being perceived as a creep, even though you clearly aren’t. Remember, you most likely are not the only guy to hit on the chick you’re eyeing; there are oodles of men who got their eyes on her.

That’s not to put you off but rather, to encourage you to be tactful in your approach. Remember, you are a stranger at this point, so consider sending a polite message before flirting. Something along the lines of “Do you have time to talk?” or “Can I PM you?”

This gives her an easy way out of the conversation and while that may look like it will work against you, in real sense it leaves her feeling less cornered so she’s more likely to be receptive. Plus, your creep factor plummets to zero.

3. Forget about common topics

Starting a conversation with a greeting like “Hello, how are you?” is courteous and all, and as much as netiquette is a virtue when it comes to Irish women dating, avoid dragging out the conversation into common and boring topics.

You’re not here to waste time talking about the weather. Small talk is okay when breaking the ice, but taking the exchange too far down this path is a total buzzkill.

We don’t want you to be taken for the boring bloke now, do we?

4. Introduce yourself

A simple introduction explaining who you are and why you want to chat with her is a good way to continue the proceedings when the girl replies to you.

It doesn’t have to be an essay on your life including your last trip to Mt. Everest, although if she’s an outdoorsy type, you can always find a way to groove your escapades into it.

Otherwise, keep it short and simple. Be honest here and if you got jokes, feel free to throw in some humour if her bio portrays her to be the light-hearted kind.

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5. Pay her a compliment

Let’s be honest, dating women online is all about the visual chemistry. 8/10 of the profiles you will be combing through are of women you feel attracted to.

Girls care about their looks (that’s the world’s worst kept secret) and put effort into the pics they post on their online dating profile. This in mind, it’s okay to hint at how attractive she is. But keep it classy to avoid being relegated into Category “Weirdos”.

As simple as, “You look amazing in your profile picture” should do it. You can’t go wrong with the hair too, provided, you know, it’s honestly gorgeous.

The compliment need not come as the first note you send her, mind you. This can be bundled in the part where you introduce yourself.

The reason you shouldn’t be complimenting girls first thing is you risk extoling her (see Point #6) and you can be sure as eggs she’s being flooded with these kinds of messages from her admirers. Most never get a response.

6. Don’t put her on a pedestal

A common mistake most guys make is to butter up to girls in a bid to make them feel like they are the best thing since sliced bread.

While you might think you’re making the chick feel sweet by placing her on a pedestal, what you’re doing in actual sense is booking the shortest ticket to Single-ville.

Women won’t tell you this (some may not even realise it) but at a sub-conscious level, there is little attraction to be found in men who suck up to them. This is interpreted as soft and trading your male dominance for her affection.

Hold yourself in high regard (not to be misinterpreted for ego) and she will appreciate you for it.

7. Be truthful

If you really want to attract the most viable women seeking men Ireland, you need to be honest in your online profiles and the conversations you have with your attraction(s).

You’ve heard or read plenty of stories of matches who turned up the complete opposite of the person they portrayed themselves to be on their dating profiles. Truth is, people lie. But in the long run, this will only work against you when you finally get to meet that girl you’ve invested so much time chasing.

If you have some insecurities that make you nervous about meeting your crush in person, you can always put a positive spin on the flaw.

For instance, if you feel conscious about your height, try something like “I’m not the tallest guy, but what I lack in height, I make up for in [insert something you’re good at].

8. Be upfront with your intentions

The best favour you can do yourself is to be clear in your intentions from the very off.

It will save you and the Irish sexy girls you’re hoping to go out with time and frustration as everyone will be on the same page on what to expect – which is always a great thing in dating FYI.

Whether you’re interested in adult dating Ireland for a no-strings-attached adventure, or seeking a long-term partner, always make your intentions known from the onset.

9. Keep the flame burning

This is all about maintaining that online conversation with your match after the pre-ambles are done. However, it does depend on the kind of relationship you two are into.

If you’re on a single parents dating site, for example, you are likely to meet more mature members of the opposite gender who are happy to build strong foundations online without necessarily rushing into a meetup.

Same case with Irish women seeking men for a long-term relationship.

For these relationships, the approach is more of a traditional one that would involve staying in the loop of what’s happening in their life. And not in a stalker kind of way. The idea is to keep the engagement high and cultivate a relationship before you meet up in the flesh.

By contrast, a casual dating Ireland encounter won’t need as much work. It is possible to find a match and meet within a day or two of you knowing each other.

10. Know when to take things offline

Online relationships can fizzle out as quickly as they began. The back-to-back chats may be enjoyable, but don’t let it drag out too long.

After all, 1. the whole point of doing this is to meet up in person and 2. you want to be the early bird that catches the worm, so you don’t want to be late to the party.

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Approaching Girls Offline

A lot of the points we have discussed above apply as much in the real world as they do on the online dating scene.

However, there are obvious differences between finding women online and picking up girls in person and some tactics will only work in offline dating.

Here are some additional tips to add to the list when hitting the real-world single dating scene.

11. Just do it

When approaching women face-to-face, the one thing most guys are afraid of is how to start off the conversation.

Assume you randomly bump into this bird who’s a total knockout. Cold approaches can be intimidating, sure, but you really don’t want to see the chance waste away. If you wait for the anxiety to go away, you might end up waiting forever.

The jitters will always be there, but just try to relax in these situations AND avoid overthinking the situation. The Nike slogan would be handy here – Just Do It. But be friendly and approachable.

12. Look for a place of shared interest

One of the best ice breakers when approaching women offline is to talk about a shared hobby.

Just like you would visit the right online dating platforms to find single women Ireland, offline dating presents plenty of places on where to meet single women who share the same interests as you.

For example, if you are a fitness enthusiast, you can find girls at the local fitness club and use exercise as a topic to initiate first contact. If you love books, bookstores are a great place to look. If you’re into vaping, you’ll find plenty of girl vapers everywhere you look.

And so on, and so forth.

13. Jog the conversation

In the same way that small talk can quickly get old in online dating, when you meet that gym goddess with whom you share a keen interest in fitness, talking about your shared hobby may give you a pass for the first couple of interactions.

However, chatting her up about nothing else but the benefits of keeping fit can be a massive downer.

The first few days may be alright, but jog your conversation on to something else if you want to keep her interested.

14. It’s in the details

A good jumping-off point to strike up a conversation when you meet women Dublin in person is to focus on the details. If she’s donning a shirt with a music band or sports logo, you can start by asking if she’s a fan of that particular band or team.

The same goes for her other accessories which you can always reference to a TV show or movie. That purse she’s carrying or the ring she has on her middle finger? It doesn’t need to be an exact replica of Audrey Hepburn’s in Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

The idea is to find an entry point to engage her.

Speaking of Audrey…

15. Invoke pop culture

Another good way to start a conversation without throwing some corny pick-up line is to comment about a topic she’s probably conversant with.

Popular music is a safe bet, so are blockbuster releases and reality TV. It’s very likely she watches something. Try to find out what it is and take it from there.

Just keep it light-hearted and steer clear of sensitive subjects like politics, aye?

16. Get your flirt on

Even though you mean well, flirting when approaching women online that you haven’t yet built a rapport with can send mixed signals.

While you still need to gauge the girl – considering of course, not all single ladies Dublin or Irish women in general like flirting with strangers – offline exchanges in general allow you some sort of leeway.

Still, you need to be subtle about it, more so at first, as pushing the boundaries too early can be a big turn-off.

Hookup Ireland

17. Find out if she has a boyfriend

Before you venture too far into the weeds, it doesn’t hurt to know if the lady has a boyfriend or probably married.

It doesn’t mean you are insecure, it’s just something you two need to get out of the way sooner rather than later. If she’s single, make sure to reveal your intentions to avoid possible misunderstandings in future.

18. Got a sense of humour?

They say the key to a woman’s heart is through her funny bone. If you have some funny puns and quips in your toolbox that are not Father Ted’s, that’s some love portion you got there big guy.

Humour is subjective, and you don’t have to be a stand-up comedian to squeeze that smile out of your Irish cutie. You can always find light moments in everyday events.

For example – “Have you seen my grandmother by any chance? I think I might have lost her along the way.”

But you don’t have to try too hard. Humour is a bonus, but not a necessity. We can’t all be comics.

19. Pick her brain

Starting a conversation might be the easy part, but not so much maintaining it. When you meet a girl and exchange pleasantries, one way to keep the conversation going is to ask her some questions that need a detailed answer.

This doesn’t mean to turn it into a Q&A session. It’s also an opportunity to get to know the girl and what she likes and what doesn’t do it for her.

Take an example. You’re out in town and you meet this bombshell out shopping. You could ask something like:

“Love shopping much?”

“No, just getting some basics that’s all”, she answers.

“So, what do you like doing during your free time – apart from, you know, talking to a handsome guy like me?”.

That’s two birds, one stone right there – you’re prodding while flirting with her/ throwing in some humour for good measure.

Two things, though. One, be ready to carry on the conversation, and second, don’t invade her private life too much.

20. Be mindful of your body language

It would be remiss to talk about dating girls and exclude this very important point.

Your body language can give away a lot or have the other party misinterpret something about you. The usual etiquette rules apply here. Maintain decent eye contact and avoid gawking. Use friendly body language and don’t look tough or standoffish.

If you consider yourself socially inept, just try to be mindful of your body language.

Heck, depending on how the conversation is going, or the type of girl she is, you might as well come right out and acknowledge you are not the most socially adept person, although it’s something you’re keen to improve on.

That level of honesty might just be the key to unlock her.

21. That contact info

The whole point of approaching girls is to strike up a relationship with them, however way you may wish to interpret that.

So, if things go swimmingly at first, you two will need to keep in touch at some point. Giving her your number is fine, but it’s a fact of life that girls do flake and you don’t want to take chances with this one.

That said, ask her if she minds giving you her number instead. If she does, you’re in business.

22. Check up on her

The issue of how often you should text a girl after meeting and exchanging contacts remains a moot point. We would recommend to give it a few days before you break the radio silence – a week or two, if you can.

For starters, as much as you’re into that Irish babe, you don’t want to come off as desperate. No one likes desperate. You want to paint the picture that you have your own life going and that your world doesn’t revolve around her.

The only exception to this is when you first get her number. You are allowed to text within a few hours of your meeting or wait until the next day to let her know who it is and that you look forward to speaking to her again some time. Or seeing her again.

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Ireland Hookup Sites – Finding Girls And Getting Laid

As the world increasingly goes digital, more and more people are turning to online dating sites for their dating needs.

The sites themselves have proliferated in number over the years, with the UK alone estimated to have north of 1,000 dating websites that cater to all and sundry. The large number of these resources, all just a few clicks away, easily makes the online space the best way to meet single women.

In Ireland, the traditional approach has long reigned supreme, but that has been changing with each passing year.

Dublin single women are the majority on local online dating platforms. No matter which corner of the country you’re in, though, you will come across plenty of women looking for men Ireland.

Here are some good recommends to get you started.

eHarmony Ireland

With 5 million users in the UK (20 million globally), eHarmony is one of the top sites that caters to the Irish audience.

To join, you will need to fill out an 80-question compatibility form to establish what you value more in relation to others. Then let eHarmony deliver. This form of scientific matching has seen eHarmony claim to have paired up millions of singles.

Registration is free, but as with most apps, you will need to opt into a payment plan to unlock all the features.

eHarmony is most suited for those looking for serious relationships. Ireland has been around since forever and it is available in an Ireland version that makes Irish girls dating more accessible.

The site has smart features that allow you to filter matches based on appearance, personality traits, interests, and of course, location.

Membership is free but only subscribers can send and receive messages. is best for singles looking to get back into the game.

Elite Singles Ireland

Elite Singles is one of the most successful matchmaking sites in Ireland, and the fact that it caters to a more mature audience definitely has something to do with it. That, and the manual verification they do on their matches.

Elite Singles is most suited for anyone searching for intellectual women in their 40s. Single parents dating, anyone?

Ireland Sex Sites

Parship is a European dating site that is available in an Irish version, making it easier to narrow down on Irish singles.

With a scientific approach to match-making that involves a matching algorithm guided by 136 rules and categorisation of users into 36 personality traits, it’s fair to say finding love online doesn’t get any easier.


Silver Singles – For older women Dublin (think 50+).

Thai Friendly – A site that connects Thai girls with men from Ireland and other western countries. It has a good response rate too.

Tinder – Tinder is still a very popular app for guys looking to score a quick date. For dogging Ireland, Tinder is where it’s at. Hopefully you will be open-minded when you match someone from up the road. And you won’t be judgemental when you see your neighbour putting on their best face.

As far as creating your dating profile goes, here are some helpful tips you can incorporate:

1. When writing your profile, it’s best to do it when you’re in a positive frame of mind. Your mood can influence how people perceive you.

2. Opt for values as opposed to physical traits. Obviously, physical attractiveness matters a lot, but don’t place too much emphasis on it when writing your bio. Sayings stuff like “Fatties need not apply!” won’t fly well with most people, big-bodied or not.

3. Grammar and spelling DOES matter guys.

4. Again, avoid catfishing. It won’t end well.

5. Capture attention with some nice pictures, knowing too well that in the online world, you only have a few seconds to attract someone’s attention.

6. Avoid shirtless gym pics and group shots. It’s better to show off your adventures instead.

7. In addition to the main profile picture, add a couple more photos to boost your chances of getting more hits. Four is a good number. Don’t forget to throw in a full-body shot as well.

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As a final note, it is important to point out that dating is a numbers game, whether it’s online or offline dating.

You will meet women Ireland who will reject you, others will warm up to your advances. The most important thing is to not let the rejection kill your morale and self-esteem.

Look, meeting women is scary, but it can also be the most rewarding experience. Consider an online approach first if physical engagements are too nerve-wracking. Gradually build the relationship as you get comfortable with the girl of your dreams.

The more you hook up with single girls Ireland, the more you’ll get used to it. And the more fun it will become. As we said, it’s just like any other skill. Practice will get you there.