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If you’re looking for adult dating Ireland and want to know how to get laid more while being in control of your destiny with dating and with women, this is the guide for you.

Because, when it comes to sex, women are in control.

Or so it seems for the ‘average’ guy. For the guys willing to learn more about girls and how they think and what they want from a hookup or an ongoing fuck buddy arrangement, it’s a different story.

These guys get to do the choosing when it comes to dating and sex.

And it’s worth the effort.

More sex. Less hassles. Remain in control of yourself and the situation. What could be better?

In our guide to adult dating in Ireland, you’ll discover…

  • How women assess a guy for sexual compatibility (it’s more than just looks)
  • Why women like playing hard to get, and how you can turn the tables on her
  • Subtle ways to show a girl you’re interested (without coming across as an ‘average guy’ to her)
  • The importance of body language in the attraction game (and how you can play to win)

Let’s get started with the female checklist on a guy’s suitability…

What’s Her Checklist? How Most Women Assess Their Compatibility With a Man

If you’re a guy who’s looking for casual encounters in Ireland, it can be a huge advantage to know how most women assess their compatibility with a man.

In other words, what types of things will not only attract a woman to you for a hookup, but also keep her around for a casual dating arrangement.

Here are some of the things that women will do when it comes to finding out if they are compatible with a man:

Physical Attractiveness For Casual Dating

One of the things that a woman will look at when determining her compatibility with a man is if he is attractive or not.

Just as men will assess the attractiveness of women they want to hookup with, women will assess the attractiveness of men.

Keep in mind that you don’t have to look like a male model or anything when it comes to attracting women.

Women gauge attractiveness in a number of ways.

This includes if a man is well put together, if he can make her laugh and smile, if he smells good and if he is clean.

Body Language And Sex

You will also find that women will assess the body language of a man when it comes to finding out if she is compatible with him.

Why body language?

Because she will only want to be with a man who is attracted to her and body language is a great way to determine this.

For instance, she will look at where your body is facing when you meet with her.

If your body is pointed towards her and you are close to her, she will know that you are attracted to her.

If you point your body away from her and keep some distance, she will know that you aren’t attracted to her.

This might be something you will consciously need to keep in mind whether you’re looking for a one night stand with a girl or a friends with benefits arrangement.

There’s a great book about body language by Alan Pease called ‘Body Language’ that you should checkout for more information about how you communicate to other people through your body.

How Good You Are At Sex

Another thing that a woman will look at when it comes to assessing their compatibility with a man is if they are compatible in the bedroom.

Since adult dating is all about sex, you will want to be sure that both of you are very happy in the bedroom.

If you aren’t pleasing her in bed, she will certainly not be willing to stick around for too long, nor will she believe you are compatible.

There are plenty of websites that give advice to guys about how to be better at sex which can help you up your game when it comes to the bedroom.

Intelligence And Mental Stimulation

You will also find that women will want to be intellectually compatible with a man so that they’re mentally stimulated.

Even though you will be part of a relationship that is based on sex, you will still want to be sure that you are going to be compatible intellectually.

You will still need to talk to each other, still need to share your thoughts and opinions and if she thinks you are a ‘dumb guy,’ she might not want to stick around for too long.

To increase your intelligence and become more mentally stimulating to women it’s essential that you get into certain fields of study so that you’ll have a ‘complete’ game, rather than being a usual guy who is generally one dimensional.

These fields of study include…

Personal Development

Dive into personal development so you can teach her about human behaviour and why we do what we do.

Checkout videos on YouTube from Anthony Robbins who’s the master of human behaviour.

Women are inherently better at noticing human behaviour than men are.

So if you make this your field of study and ‘teach’ her something about it, she’ll find you very interesting. And women sleep with interesting guys, not boring guys.


Yes, knowing more about women and how they think will help you attract more of them and they will find you more attractive because you ‘understand’ them!

Read the book by Neil Strauss called The Game, which is one of the best guides on how to pickup women by understanding how they think and what they want.

And after that, if you want to round out your knowledge, get hold of the book Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus by John Grey.

This is an old classic relationship book, but when cross-referenced by The Game book, you’ll have a deeper understanding of women.

Take the best from both books for a more complete understanding of how to manage your relationships, short term and long term.


By being able to ‘teach’ a woman something, especially if it’s something interesting and of value, she’ll see you as ‘better than her’… and women only want to sleep with guys that the perceive are ‘above’ them in some way.

Knowing about world history, starting with your own country, and being able to reference it in a conversation to make it interesting will be a big deal to a woman.

There’s a fine line when it comes to history though. You don’t want to be one of ‘those guys’ who bore people will long-winded speeches about history while everyone is secretly rolling their eyes when you look away.

If you’re going to talk about history and sound interesting, you need to keep it brief.

Literally a quick sentence or two. That’s it.

And it has to be interesting and relevant to the situation you’re in or that you’re discussing.

Saying something like: “Ancient Romans would eat food like this to commemorate a victory, and the feast would last for 5 hours”.

Then move on.

Don’t dwell on topics like this. If she wants to more, she’ll ask questions.

If she doesn’t ask questions, shut up and continue on with the topic at hand.

Fashion And Style

The benefit of knowing about fashion and style is that first of all you yourself will be able to be more fasionable and stylish… something that is as attractive to women as a handsome face.

And by being fashionable, you’ll be able to recognise a woman with style.

You can hold a conversation about different fabrics and certain cuts of clothing and how they accentuate the body of someone and how you find this interesting.

And you’ll be able to quote famous designers and what makes them so good, and what their unique style is that they bring to the fashion world.

How Funny You Are

Humour gets you laid. If you’re a guy with a sense of humour, it can get you laid because women love guys that make them laugh.

Women by nature are more emotional. And with laughter being the best medicine, it can not only let her release emotion, it can also stimulate her emotions of attraction to you because when you make her laugh, she feels good.

And everyone wants to be around someone who makes them laugh.

These are just a few of the things that a woman will look for when it comes to assessing their compatibility with a man.

For most women, regardless of whether she sees you as a once off hookup, an ongoing fuck buddy or even a serious relationship, there’s still a need for compatibility.

If you meet a woman who you are interested in hooking up with, you need to keep the above checklist in mind.

By working on improving and growing in these areas you’ll begin to notice women automatically being attracted to you, even when you’re not even trying.

This way you will put yourself in the best position to get the woman you want in the bedroom.

Why Women Like Playing Hard To Get And How You Can Do It Too

When a guy like you starts to get into casual dating in Ireland, you may find that there are women you come across who will play hard to get.

Many guys will experience this and it can be a frustrating time.

In fact, guys are always wondering why women play hard to get in the first place and how they can do the same thing.

Here are some of the things that you should know about playing hard to get that will help you turn the tables and get her chasing you…

Women Want to Be Desired By Men

One of the reasons women will play hard to get is because she wants to feel like the men desire her.

When a woman starts playing hard to get, a guy who wants to sleep with her will keep trying to get her.

She really likes this feeling. However, you certainly can do the same thing yourself and turn things around on her.

If you show some interest, though not too much interest, she will start putting a lot of effort into getting closer to you.

This can be accomplished first of all with body language.

Leaning back (away from her) will make her subconsciously attracted to you because you’re showing you’re not really interested.

And she will automatically want to gain your attention so that she feels attractive and ‘wanted’.

Secondly, as we mentioned above, the topics of conversation you hold can get her wanting you.

If you demonstrate your intelligence, higher-value (compared to other usual guys), make her laugh, and intrigue her with your knowledge of human behaviour, women and history of the world, she’ll be drawn in with every new sentence you offer.

It’s quite simple really… don’t expect a woman to be attracted to you, or ‘hope’ she will…

MAKE YOURSELF ATTRACTIVE to women by being interesting, stylish, funny, intriguing etc.

These are all ‘learnable’. You don’t need to be born with these traits. You can simply learn them and become more attractive to women.

Women Don’t Want to Seem Too Easy

Another reason that a woman will play hard to get with a guy is because she doesn’t want to seem like she is ‘easy’. (ie. She doesn’t want you to think she’s a slut)

If a woman starts sleeping with every guy she meets, she could start getting a reputation among her friends.

This is why women turn guys down, in an effort to look more desirable.

Eventually, if she likes you she will come around, of course, but it might not be the first time you ask her out.

Women May Just Like the Attention You Give Her

You may also find that women will play hard to get simply because she wants the attention you give her.

In fact, she probably is not even attracted to you in this case, but will lead you on with the hope that you will eventually get the hint.

Many women will assess their ‘value’ (attractiveness) with how many men they have texting or calling them.

You will know if this is the case with a woman you are with if she doesn’t return calls or texts or if she refuses to meet with you.

Though this isn’t a good situation, it happens, so you need to be aware of it.

Women Might Play Hard to Get Because They Don’t Want You

Just like a guy will not be attracted to every woman who crosses his path, it’s the same with a woman.

Unfortunately, the guy she finds unattractive could be you. Some men will believe a woman is playing hard to get, but she just isn’t interested in him.

If you think you are in this situation, it is likely best for you to just walk away from the situation and look for another woman.

There are many women in the area who want something casual, and the next one you come across could be perfect for you.

The above are just a couple of the reasons women play hard to get and of course there are many more.

From just wanting attention from men to not wanting men to approach her, there is always a reason behind the games that she plays.

Fortunately, you can do the same as this is a two way street.

But you MUST demonstrate value for this to happen for you.

You MUST make yourself attractive by improving yourself, and understanding how women think, how they respond to guys, and how to approach girls in a way that makes you stand out from ALL the other guys that are hitting on her every day.

Remember, these skills are learnable.

And when you turn the tables, you’ll often find that girls come on even stronger when a man plays hard to get.

And you’ve either got to be good looking, a celebrity OR demonstrate higher value will skills and knowledge that are learnable (within your control).

And you’ll likely find that these women will make the best sex buddies because of it.

The Top 3 Ways To Let Her Know You’re Interested

For most men who think about getting into casual dating, it’s essential to know the ins and outs of these relationships to maximise sex and minimise hassles.

When you get into a relationship that is based on casual sex, a woman will notice different things having to do with both you and the general relationship.

One of these things is that she will start to notice when you meet for casual encounters is if you are interested in her or not.

How will she figure it out?

She will look for some of the following three signs:

The Way You Treat Her

One of the things that a woman will look for to see if you are interested is the way you treat her.

Doing things like winking, smiling or making an effort to get to know her are all things that will show her that you have interest in her.

Women are quite good about finding these signs and she will also be able to focus in on your body language.

So, when you get near her and want to show her how you feel without verbally telling her, telling her with your treatment of her is a wonderful way to do it.

How Or If You Touch Her

Another way to show a woman that you are interested in her is by touching her.

This type of physical touch doesn’t have to be lovingly, necessarily, but to show her that you are interested in her, it should be meaningful.

Some of the things that you can try including gently placing your hand near her knees or touching the small of her back when you walk next to her.

When you brush up against someone in the pub or accidentally touch a woman, this doesn’t mean the same thing.

You can give your touch more impact by even smiling at her or looking her in the eye when you touch.

It will also help for you to touch her several times if she doesn’t seem to understand the hint.

Not Saying You’re Interested, Shows You’re Interested

Finally, it’s essential when you first meet a girl, before and shortly after you’ve hooked up, that you don’t verbally mention you like her, are interested in her or ‘care’ about her.

This might be counter-intuitive but here’s why it works…

The Average Guy (Don’t Be This Guy)

Guys approach attractive women all day every day telling them that they’re beautiful, sexy, stunning, and that they ‘like’ them and would like to take them out on a date.

So if a girl’s being approached like this every day, and you come along and say the same thing, you become ‘just another guy’ for her.

Average Joe

Women don’t want to be with average guys.

Even a good looking guy telling a girl he likes her could cause her to not find him attractive. Seriously! Sounds a bit crazy but it’s true.

Play Hard To Get (If You Want To ‘Get Some’)

Women want to be with guys who don’t want them (or at least ‘act’ like it).

Playing hard to get MAKES you seem better (in her eyes).

She’s left wondering, ‘what’s with this guy?’.

Then she’ll naturally want to find out by hooking up with you (and to prove to herself that she can ‘get you’).

Play It Cool (Or It’s Over)

To attract a woman you need to play it cool.

But you have to have the ‘game’ to back it up. You have to have substance behind it if you’re going to keep it going for more than two weeks or a month.

Because if it’s just pretend and you start being all needy in a few week’s time, she’ll automatically switch off, and put you in the ‘average guy’ category.

And once you’re in that category in her mind, it’s all over.

To summarise… You should only ever show non-verbal interest in a woman. Until of course you’re a year down the track and you’re expected to verbalise your interest (and love) too.

You Can Use Body Language To Show A Woman She Can Win You Over

When most people start casual dating, there is of course verbal communication that occurs in order to determine if the two partners are looking for the same thing.

This is only part of it, though. There is another type of communication that people do that is just as important, if not more important than verbal communication.

What is this type of communication? It is known as body language.

Some people out there will use the term ‘non-verbal’ communication to refer to body language, but no matter what you call it, we typically do 60 percent of our communicating through body language.

You will be able to use this to your benefit when getting into adult dating.

Here’s what you can do:

Lick Your Lips In Front of Her (Subtly), But Don’t Do Anything

One sign that you can give a woman that is certainly sexual body language is to lick your lips. This is something many animals do too.

Consider a tiger that is about to attack his prey and you will likely see him licking his lips in anticipation.

When we lick our lips whilst looking at someone else, we are telling them that we want to ‘pounce’ and that we find them attractive.

When women see this, she likely will think that you will approach her, but don’t do it.

If you want to get her to win you over, allow her to come to you. She will eventually get the hint, but it might take a couple of tries.

Smile At Her, But Do Nothing

Another way that you can get her to win you over is to smile at her.

She will see you smile as ‘approval’ and that you like her. If she smiles back, it’s on.

You can (and should) approach her within a few minutes from the smile exchange.

Smile at Her Whilst Fixing Your Hair

When you imagine wild birds, you might see them in your mind smoothing their wings as they attempt to attract a mate. Humans also do this with our hair.

If you let her see you fix your hair, it shows her that you want to make sure you look good for her.

Adding a smile whilst you do this will bring much better results and you can expect her to come over to you quickly.

Get Her Attention By Standing or Sitting With Your Legs Spread

If you want to utilise a very manly form of body language, stand or sit with your legs spread and take up more of the room with your body.

This shows her that you have a lot of machismo and that you are showing her that you are a man.

When you do this, you also give her the opportunity to take a look at what might be hiding underneath your clothes, especially when she looks in the direction of your family jewels.

You can definitely expect this to make her curious and she will likely make her way to you quickly.

Using body language is a wonderful way to attract a woman, especially when you are looking for casual encounters.

By knowing what to do with this kind of communication, you can really improve the odds you will be successful when looking for a good partner for your next hookup.

To find out how to use body language to attract women, remember to get a copy of The Game by Neil Strauss.

It will reveal which poses to hold and why so that you can use them in your daily life, and watch women start touching you more and being more interested in you.

This can help close the deal on a one night stand or if you want to keep a girl around for a long term friends with benefits arrangement.